Bible in a Minute: Webinar Series

Let's explore the entire Bible, one book at a time. Join Rev. Jim Keat and contributors from the Bible in a Minute project as they discuss the broad themes and subtle nuances of each book. These conversation will feature some videos from the Bible in a Minute project as well as discuss what it is like capturing an entire chapter into a one minute video.

About the Project

Bible in a Minute is a daily short form video project produced by The Riverside Church. The project begins with Genesis 1 and continues for 1,189 days, concluding with Revelation 22. This project has three explicit goals:

Teach people something new about the Bible

Inspire people to open a Bible and read the chapter for themselves

Model a progressive/liberative lens for Biblical interpretation

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Rev. Jim Keat

Rev. Jim Keat is the Minister of Digital Worship & Education at The Riverside Church as well as the Director of Online Innovation at Convergence. He is the creator and producer of the Bible in a Minute project and host of the Bible in a Minute webinar series. His other projects include The Word Made Fresh, Church of the Long Run, Be Still and Go, Church Talk, and more. He also hosts regular webinars on digital ministry and helps equip and empower churches and faith leaders in their digital ministry work in the world.