Church Online: Individual Consultation

Take the next step with your online church and digital ministry content

Sign up for three, thirty-minute 1-on-1 consultation sessions with a digital ministry expert to talk about what you can do to take the next step with your online church and digital ministry content.

This consultation package includes free access to our
"How to Do Church Online" library of resources, a $59/month value.

Why only three, thirty-minute consultation sessions?
This package provides a focused consultation. The three, thirty-minute consultation sessions are intended to assess your online church and digital ministry context and needs, to help strategize and implement the next steps you can take, and to evaluate how it's going and what you can do to keep moving forward with your online church and digital ministry.

The first session will look at the specifics of your unique context. What do you hope to accomplish? What technology do you already have and know how to use? What budgetary or technological constraints are in place?

After this session your consultant will create a recommendation with some ideas you can try and technology you can utilize for your online church and digital ministry content.

The second session will follow up on the recommendations from session one. What ideas were you able to implement? What new possibilities have emerged along the way? What questions do you have or assistance do you need to continue moving forward with your online church and digital ministry content?

The third session will allow you to reflect on all the things you've tried, explore what's worked and what hasn't, refine your approach to online church, and plan for your online church and digital ministry content going forward.

What if I want more than three sessions?
We're here to help! Rev. Gregg Carlson is happy to talk about how Convergence can help provide an ongoing coaching relationship for you and your ministry.

How exactly will these sessions happen?
You'll meet with your coach on a Zoom call, allowing you to talk face to face and share your screen as needed. (Or if you are unable to join a video call, an old fashioned phone call can also work!)

What kinds of things can we focus on in the consultation sessions?
Whatever you want! This consultation package is intended to help you take the next step with your online church and digital ministry content. You can explore how to best use Zoom for online church services or small groups, how to prerecord worship services and schedule them premiere online, how to produce a virtual choir, how to create a podcast, how to use social media as ministry, how to livestream the service in your sanctuary, or whatever your currently working on and want to work on next.

Will this really make a difference?
Yes! The most valuable thing about these consultation sessions is that they are uniquely designed for you and your context. This is not a 50 person group coaching call or a 500 person webinar. These are 1-on-1 conversations with a digital ministry expert, allowing you to explore all the questions, ideas, constraints, and possibilities unique to your context. After these three sessions you will have a personalized recommendation for technology you can use and ideas you can try as well as direct feedback and next step for how to continue moving forward with your online church and digital ministry content.

Who is the digital ministry expert that I will meet with?
We are building a team of digital ministry experts to best meet the needs of pastors and congregations in need of this consultation. Currently this team consists of Rev. Jim Keat and Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow.

Rev. Jim Keat is the Director of Online Learning at Convergence and the Digital Minister at The Riverside Church. He has over a decade of digital ministry experience and is an expert at creating original online content, cultivating online community, and finding the best online platform to fit your specific needs.

Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow is an author, speaker, parent, consultant, coach, podcaster, and pastor. He speaks and writes on issues of faith, technology, race, parenting, and church culture. He is currently the Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto and is the author of five books, including The Definitive-ish Guide for Using Social Media in the Church.


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  Church Online: Individual Consultation
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