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How will we fund ministry in the future? How will we invest in mission in our communities? What will we do with all these church buildings? Will clergy still have jobs? Will seminaries exist? Will my church make it?

It’s time to rethink everything. As we live in an ongoing pandemic reality, the financial sustainability of our congregations, clergy and religious institutions is an interesting challenge. It can feel overwhelming. Yet if we can harness a new imagination, we may be coming into one of the most exciting times to be in ministry. The Courageous Economy Online Summit will explore how we get to a more sustainable and equitable future. Through interviews with influential North American faith, non-profit and business leaders, the Courageous Economy Online Summit will equip you with the audacity, connections, and practical advice to be active leaders in manifesting God’s economy.


Tim Soerens
Anna Golladay
Dave Harder
Kevin Doyle Jones
Mark Elsdon
John Dorhauer
Stephanie Spellers
Melissa Spas

Carla Leon
Terrell McTyer

Sidney Williams

Scott Thumma

DeAmon Harges

Maria-Jose (Cote) Soerens

Dave Kresta


Rosa Lee Harden
Patrick Duggan
Cameron Trimble