Piloting Church

Leveling Up Your Leadership

A majority of churches are grounded - shrinking in membership and resources, unsure how to make the changes needed to be vital again. Pastor and pilot Cameron Trimble has helped hundreds of congregations get airborne again, and Piloting Church: Helping Your Congregation Take Flight guides you through the steps to getting your congregation out of the maintenance hangar and back into the skies.In this course, we will look at some of the challenges that you face as a local congregational leader. You don't need to be a pastor to benefit from this course. You don't need to be and elected leader of your congregation. You simply need to be ready to own the leadership capacity you already have within you and be willing to offer that leadership for the benefit of the rest of us. Leadership is not an authorized position; it is a unique art form available to each person should they have the courage to claim it

Course Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Gain an understanding of leadership both as a concept and practice;
  • Understand the power of leadership when applied to congregational dynamics;
  • Understand how to build and lead effective teams;
  • Explore new funding strategies for your ministry;
  • Avoiding hostility and conflict when working with people who are fearful and anxious about change;
  • Gaining clarity about what you want to accomplish and the setting in which you're working.

During the course, you will be challenged to imagine a project or goal that today feels impossible to accomplish with your current resources, skills and context. During the course of our working together, you will work towards a breakthrough in this project. Don't worry–we'll show you how.

Your Host Facilitator

Cameron Trimble
Cameron Trimble

Cameron Trimble is an author, national faith leader, pilot and pastor. She has written a number of books and produces a daily meditation sent to hundreds of people across the world. She has written dozens of articles for various publications and is a frequent keynote speakers at conferences.

Course Curriculum

What Others Say About Cameron

"Cameron Trimble is an entrepreneurial and spiritual practitioner extraordinaire. She dreams bigger than anyone I know, but has the skills sets, the courage, the tenacity, and the talent to turn dreams into reality."

- Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ

"Because of her abundance of experience working with congregations in different denominations and settings, Rev. Trimble can see the horizon clearly."

- Rev. Carol Howard Merritt, author and PCUSA pastor

If you care about your congregation’s potential, Cameron Trimble is both an inspirational visionary and an incomparable practical guide.

- Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, denominational executive, climate activist and theologian

Cameron’s wisdom and instruction invites us to embody the qualities of an adaptive, creative and visionary leader. She encourages us to trust ourselves, rely on the God who claims us, and dig deep to discover the courage to soar!

- Rev. Shawna Bowman, pastor of Friendship Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL

Our congregation has a wonderful history, but we knew that we needed to be creative in thinking about our future in order to live into our full potential. We needed a consultant who wouldn’t just regurgitate outdated church growth strategies but could assist us in imagining who we wanted to become and to think concretely about how we could get there. Rev. Trimble has enabled us to do exactly that. She’s helped us to realize the dreams we weren’t yet able to articulate but knew in our hearts. She’s brought her creativity, imagination, and solid business and ministry experience to guide us in working through tangible challenges that we knew we had to overcome but needed help to navigate. Rev. Trimble has been an absolute gift to our congregation.

- Rev. Caleb Lines, Senior Pastor of University Christian Church, San Diego, CA