What Will Happen To Our Churches?

A Conversation with National Faith Leaders


We are now living in an unprecedented time. For hundreds of years, congregations gathered together on Sunday mornings. Now, most churches are forced to meet online. For hundreds of years, congregations have depended on cash offerings and Sunday giving. Now, most churches will have to depend on online donations. We are facing an economic recession that will reshape denominations. We are also facing a social recession that redefines ministry.

Join is course and engage a conversation with national faith leaders and others to consider what we need to be considering as we lead through this global pandemic.


Your Host Facilitator

Cameron Trimble
Cameron Trimble

Cameron Trimble is an author, national faith leader, pilot and pastor. She has written a number of books and produces a daily meditation sent to hundreds of people across the world. She has written dozens of articles for various publications and is a frequent keynote speakers at conferences.