Worship and Pastoral Care for Threshold Ministry

Are you a leader in a congregation going through the process of closing or merging with another church? As you are discovering, navigating this transition is both sacred and scary. People are grieving, struggling to make faithful decisions about building sales and staff salaries, fearing that they might not find another church home as life-giving as this has been...so many emotions. This course is part of a series of courses designed to help you navigate this transition.

In "Worship and Pastoral Care," we will look at the ways you can use the worship experiences and congregational care to make this journey authentic, healing and ultimately hopeful.

Your Host Facilitator

Cameron Trimble
Cameron Trimble

Cameron Trimble is an author, national faith leader, pilot and pastor. She has written a number of books and produces a daily meditation sent to hundreds of people across the world. She has written dozens of articles for various publications and is a frequent keynote speakers at conferences.

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