Digital Ministry was not a bandaid for the pandemic but new muscles we all learned to stretch and flex. As the world continues to embrace and engage digital spaces and content, the church must continue to meet people where they are and in the world as it is becoming. This webinar series offers ongoing tips, tricks, and best practices that you can use to help your digital ministry take the next step. Join Rev. Jim Keat as he explores various topics, reflects on things he has learned, and talks with other digital ministry experts so that we can all continue to learn how to do digital ministry.

Rev. Jim Keat

Rev. Jim Keat is the Digital Minister at The Riverside Church in New York City and the Director of Online Innovation for Convergence, a diverse collective of faith-based leaders, learners, artists, activists, learners, communities, and congregations. He is the creator of original media projects from The Riverside Church such as Bible in a Minute, The Word Made Fresh, Be Still and Go, Church Talk, and more. He is the host of How to do Digital Ministry, a weekly(ish) show where he shares tips, tricks, and best practices for digital ministry and online church.

Past Episodes