A Thought Experiment

Imagine congregations meeting during the years of slavery, with slaveowners piously asking God to forgive their sins, but never actually addressing the most grievous of their sins. Doesn’t it seem almost sinful to plan “good liturgy” that helps people avoid their own participation in moral atrocities?

  • Doesn’t it make sense, then, to begin our discussion of liturgy with the realization that what we need is not simply a tweaking of musical styles or language … but rather, a deep rethinking?
  • What would it mean to align our liturgy around an anti-racism vision for justice, joy, and peace for all people, empowered by the Spirit of God?
  • What would it mean to align our liturgy around an ecological vision for a regenerative relationships with the earth, so we stop plundering her resources and pumping her full of toxins?
  • What would it mean to align our liturgy around a peace-making vision, building in our people the attitudes and skills that make for peace?
  • What would it mean, in other words, to align our liturgy around Jesus’ message of the kingdom or reign or commonwealth of God?

That’s the focus of this intensive. This isn’t just about keeping parishioners happy or increasing your own job satisfaction as a liturgist. A lot is at stake. I believe liturgy can help save or destroy the world.

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