What do you believe is the single greatest social and liberative challenge facing us at this time?

Even in progressive faith spaces, we have historically silenced the voices of humans who are not part of the dominant culture. This summit will flip the script and only feature such voices.

We will ask each of these important voices what they believe is the single greatest social and liberative challenge facing us at this time, and, more importantly, what is the church's responsibility in the conversation?

Featured Voices

Dr. Roberto Che Espinoza

Scholar, Activist, Founder of Activist Theology Project

Ophelia Kinney

Reconciling Ministries Network

Cari Jackson

Author/Speaker/Reproductive Rights Advocate

Josephine Jael Jimenez

Speaking in Church

Lawrence Richardson

Salem Church UCC

Karen Georgia Thompson

United Church of Christ

Carmen Lansdowne

44th Moderator, United Church of Canada

Stephen Lewis

President, Forum for Theological Exploration

Leroy Barber

Neighborhood Economics

Kelle Brown

Plymouth Church Seattle

Kevin Garcia

Writer/Speaker/Public Theologian

Ally Henny


Alicia Crosby

Writer/Speaker/Justice Advocate

Shalom Agtarap

Pastor, United Church of Tacoma

Anna Golladay
Pastor, Activist, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications for Convergence


This summit will include daily content available FOR FREE 
from November 14-18, 2022.

That means that you can log on to Convergence CoLab the day of and watch all or some of the voices for that day, whenever is convenient for you.

Monday, Nov 14: Roberto Che Espinoza, Cari Jackson, Lawrence Richardson,
Tuesday, Nov 15: Kelle Brown, Ophelia Kinney, Karen Georgia Thompson
Wednesday, Nov 16: Josephine Jael Jimenez, Ally Henny, Shalom Agtarap
Thursday, Nov 17: Alicia Crosby, Kevin Garcia, Leroy Barber
Friday, Nov 18: Carmen Lansdowne, Stephen Lewis

If you aren’t able to watch the content that day, or if you want to share the content with your congregation or leadership, we encourage you to purchase lifetime access to the Centering the Silenced Summit. For only $149, you will get access to all of the interviews and resources for as long as you want them.