Rethink Children and Youth Ministry: An Online Summit

May 20-24, 2024

May 20-24, 2024

In collaboration with leading practitioners and experts in the field, this summit is a unique opportunity for congregational leaders, educators, parents and caregivers, and anyone passionate about nurturing the spiritual growth and faith formation of children, youth, and their families. Our virtual gathering will delve into various aspects of these vital ministries, providing insights, practical tools, and strategies to foster a strong foundation of faith.

Expert Interviews

Learn from renowned experts and practitioners in the fields of spiritual formation, intergenerational ministry, and ministry to children, youth and families. Gain valuable perspectives, practical tips, and innovative approaches while debunking common myths about young people to make spiritual education engaging and impactful.

Curated Resources

Access a treasure trove of digital resources tailored for children and youth programming. Conveniently downloadable, these resources empower you to integrate meaningful content seamlessly into your programs, making the spiritual journey for young individuals both enriching and enjoyable.

Diverse Perspectives

Hear directly from youth who have advice on how to build meaningful connections. Gain insights into the challenges they face and discover effective ways to connect with and guide children and youth on their spiritual path. Also learn directly from individuals from different settings with experience in children, youth, and family ministries. Gain insights into their challenges and discover practical ways to connect with and learn from people of all ages.





  • If We Really Cared About Children and Youth….
  • A Good Theology of Children and Youth Ministry
  • Faith at Home
  • An Intergenerational View
  • Idea Lab of Practical Approaches


  • Congregational Leaders
  • Religious Educators
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Youth Leaders
  • Anyone who is passionate about spiritual formation for children, youth, and families.


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from May 20-24, 2024.

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Monday, May 20: Brian McLaren, Lenny Duncan, Youth Voices, Jennifer Knapp

Tuesday, May 21: Sarah Bessey, Cindy Wang Brandt, Daneen Akers, Danielle Shroyer

Wednesday, May 22: Traci Smith, Sandy Sasso, Wendy Claire Barrie, Amy Adamczyk

Thursday, May 23: Dave Csinos, Holly Catterton Allen, Brittany Sky,

Friday, May 24: Tracye Potter, Chris Barnett, Teresa Cho

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